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Former Seychelles President delivers address celebrating national 20th anniversary

Today Seychelles celebrates its 20th anniversary of the introduction of the 3rd constitution of the Republic which was established on June 29, 1976 with Sir Mancham as its founding President.

Open letter from Seychelles founding President on Madagascar

The founding President of the Seychelles, Sir James R. Mancham, sent an open letter to Mr. Andry Rajeolina, President of the Transition Authority of the Malagasy Republic, and Mr.

Reactions to the Madagascar leaders meeting in Seychelles

Sir James Mancham, the first President of the Seychelles, writes to Nation, the island’s main daily newspaper, to give his reaction to the meeting between Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana of Ma

Exclusive interview with Sir James R. Mancham, the first President of...

The growing international credentials of the founding President of the Republic of Seychelles has brought out the need for an interview to better understand and appreciate what Sir James Mancham stand

Former Seychelles president to receive peace award

It was announced from the office of Seychelles founding President Sir James R.