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Sierra Leone – poor but brimming with potential

SIERRA LEONE (eTN) - First impressions of what to expect in Sierra Leone were not encouraging.

Sierra Leone becomes newest destination member of ICTP

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone has become its most recent destination member.

Sierra Leone wants Russian tourists

MOSCOW, Russia — "The development of the tourist industry of a nation is the sure way to plan for the economic prosperity of a country," declared Sierra Leone's Ambassador to Russia, Mr.

Building eco-tourism community in Sierra Leone

For many people, the name Sierra Leone still conjures up images of the country's decade-long civil war and subsequent war crimes trials.

UN air service to halt aid flights in West Africa

LAS VEGAS (eTN) - A lack of funding has forced the United Nations food aid agency to suspend humanitarian flights to three West African countries from tomorrow, the agency reported Tuesday, June 15.

Will Sierra Leone become next tourist hotspot?

The West African country of Sierra Leone is witnessing a dramatic change of fortune.

Tourists returning to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is trying to rebuild its tourism industry hurt by years of civil strife.

Blair visit puts Sierra Leone on tourist map. Where next, Iraq?

Sierra Leone is emerging as a new destination for adventurous travellers, with Tony Blair visiting this week to raise the country's profile in the tourism market and UK operators beginning to offer ho

Sierra Leone emerging as tourist destination

Sporting a rumpled button-down shirt and something a little scruffier than a five o'clock shadow, restaurateur Faysal Debeis has an air of weariness about him.

Libya to help Sierra Leone boost tourism, energy sectors

Libya has offered to help Sierra Leone in its post-war rescuscitation of the tourism industry and energy supply sector, the government here said on Tuesday.A team of technical experts is due in Sierra Leone "within weeks ... to undertake feasibility studies in tourism and energy provision," a government statement said.