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Disruption in air transportation services in the Caribbean

(eTN) The airports of most destinations, especially within the Southern Caribbean, are expected to be it extremely quiet today because pilots of

350 people sick on Caribbean cruise

CHARLESTON, S.C. — About 350 people were responding well to medicine after getting sick on a cruise to the Caribbean that departed from South Carolina, the cruise line said Tuesday.

OSHA: American Airlines must reimburse sick time for pilots

The U.S. Department of Labor has ordered American Airlines Inc.

Some travelers carry more than luggage

After her recent flight arrived in Atlanta, a 57-year-old woman told paramedics she had been throwing up and felt nauseated. A virus had been afflicting her family.

Authorities say food poisoning at Lake Garda hotel sickens 30 British...

ROME — Authorities say food poisoning has sickened 30 British tourists vacationing at a hotel on Italy's Lake Garda.