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Late President Bush lived the Aloha Spirit: A Testimonial by a...

Marsha Rose Joyner is the host for ThinkTeck Hawaii and a Hawaiian political activist for many years.  She remembers when electors met in their respective state capitols on December 19, 1988 to cast their votes for President and Vice President when George Herbert Walker Bush was elected president of the United States in 1988. Marsha was one of the four Democratic electors in Hawaii.

Young Balule Elephant shot 13 times before horrified visitors

Just as the furore about the trophy hunting of the pride male named Skye began abating, another incident has highlighted the ethics of hunting in the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) alongside the Kruger National Park.

Thai general vows civil war before being shot

A renegade Thai general was shot in Bangkok on Thursday as the military planned to encircle barricaded antigovernment demonstrators.

Dutch tourist shot in Rio

A Dutch tourist was in hospital in Rio de Janeiro after being shot twice by a mugger who attacked him and his wife after the city's fabled carnival festivities got under way.

State tourism minister murdered in northern Mexico

Mexico City - The tourism minister of the state of Culiacan, Antonio Ibarra Salgado, was murdered Tuesday in the northern Mexico city.

Bear shot after injuring 9 at tourist spot in Japan

TOKYO — A bear injured nine people at highway rest stop in central Japan before being shot dead in a souvenir shop, a firefighter said Sunday.

Elephant shot dead ‘for braai’ in front of tourists

An elephant was shot dead - allegedly for a local chief's "braaivleis party" - in front of several tourists in the Bwabwata Park in the Caprivi Region last week, causing many of the shocked visitors t
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