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Tourists treated to an epic battle between crocodile and shark

On what otherwise might have been an average excursion through Australia's Kakadu National Park, tourists were treated to an epic battle between two of nature's most ferocious predators, a crocodile a

Shark movie scares tourism chiefs

Tourism operators are bracing for the release of a film that depicts the Great Barrier Reef as a hunting ground for man-eating great white sharks.

Tourists in Queensland warned of ‘monster’ shark

Tourists holidaying in the Australian state of Queensland have been warned to stay out of the water by authorities who fear a giant six metre-long shark might be prowling the coast.

‘Spooked’ marine park shark leaves tourist bleeding

A "nudge" by a scared shark has left a British tourist with slight injuries while diving at a marine park on Sydney's northern beaches.

Tourist is Florida’s latest shark bite victim

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.—Authorities on Florida's Atlantic coast say a tourist from Tennessee is the 22nd shark bite victim of the year.