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Seychelles government reopens all beaches

2011 was a trying year for many tourist destinations. Climate change phenomena arrived in never-before-seen patterns in behavior both beneath the waves and on land.

Seychelles high quality tourism activities get a boost

Seychelles Creole Travel Services, a local Destination Management Company (DMC), has just brought into the country a world-class sailing catamaran in its bid to be constantly upgrade its products and

Africa will have a new carnival in beautiful Seychelles

Seychelles is planning an international carnival scheduled to take place in its capital, Victoria, in March 2011, echoing the time when Seychelles first became a melting pot of different cultures from

Seychelles and UAE deliver concrete example of partnership between Africa and...

Following his recent participation in the Afro-Arab Summit in Sirte, Libya, Jean-Paul Adam, Seychelles Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended a special event today in Dubai, where a memorandum of under

Seychelles former president retraces history of carnivals in Seychelles

James Mancham, Seychelles President at the time when the Indian Ocean Creole Islands attained its independence from Great Britain, has come out to support the "2011 Seychelles Carnival International d