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China fair names Seychelles as Best Honeymoon Tour Destination

The World Travel Fair (WTF) is an annual event held in Shanghai that is the economic center of China and also plays a significant role in the outbound tourism of the country.

Seychelles to welcome Brown and Newirth winners for 5-star honeymoon

A lucky couple from the UK will be flying to Seychelles this year on a 5-star honeymoon package after the winner of the Brown & Newirth’s honeymoon competition to the islands was announced this week

German couple marries in Seychelles on 12-12-12 at 12:12

A wedding date to remember: while many of their compatriots used their last chance in this century to get married on a date as memorable as “12-12-12,” Claudia Ottemeier and Domenico Gallitano fle

Couples choosing to begin their lives together in Seychelles

The tropical islands of the Seychelles are whisking a number of couples from Europe, Africa, the Far East, and Middle East, as well as the Americas, who want to spend not only their honeymoon, but to

UK’s Guardian does 24-page feature on destination Seychelles

A 24-page special feature on Seychelles has been published on the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

Seychelles romantic holiday high on the bucket list

The Seychelles Islands need little introduction as the perfect venue for a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or just that impromptu, romantic break.

German tabloid ranks Seychelles as top honeymoon destination

The popular and respected German tabloid magazine, BUNTE, has come out with an article on the Seychelles that positions these islands as the leaders in honeymoon destinations.

German star talks about Seychelles wedding and honeymoon

Roberto Blanco, the famous German musician, singer, and actor who recently traveled to the Seychelles for his wedding, was hosted for a dinner party at the home of the Munich-based Seychelles Tourism

All eyes focus on Seychelles as THE travel destination

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s recent honeymoon in idyllic Seychelles has handed these islands a major publicity coup, as all eyes focus on them as "the" honeymoon destination in vogue.

German singer and actor marries in Seychelles

The well-known and popular German entertainer and actor of Cuban descent, Roberto Blanco who is 73 years of age, visited the tropical Creole islands of Seychelles in April to formalize his commitment

Seychelles London office relocating

The Seychelles Tourist Office in London will be relocating to Regent Street. This has been planned by Marsha Parcou, the new manager appointed to oversee the island’s UK tourism office.

UK couple visits Seychelles to celebrate milestone wedding anniversary

Gerard and Angela Barte got married at the Reef Hotel on a bright and sunny afternoon of May 5, 1986 in Seychelles.