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New board appointed for Air Seychelles

The Seychelles President has appointed a new Board of Directors for Air Seychelles, with effect of March 15, 2012, in line with the strategic partnership agreement between Air Seychelles with Etihad A

Air Seychelles presents new livery and logo

During just one week, the national airline of the Seychelles has announced a new CEO, a new Board of Directors, and now they have now presented the new livery and a new logo for Air Seychelles.

New Chief Executive Officer at the helm of Air Seychelles

The recent restructuring of Air Seychelles has brought about the appointment of Bram Steller, a Dutch national, as the new Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles and is expected to take office as f

Air Seychelles executes succession plan

Air Seychelles has appointed eight Seychellois departmental deputy directors as part of its succession planning scheme and development process so as to ensure a more efficient management performance t

Air Seychelles will continue to fly Creole Spirit

Seychelles President James Michel has visited the headquarters of Air Seychelles at the International Airport this morning, where he met with the Acting Executive Chairman Ambassador Maurice Loustau L