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New Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration Tour marks historic changes to Cuban...

A Miami-based travel agency specializing in customized experiences of Cuba, is launching an exciting new tour for 2019: the Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration tour....

Underage sex tourism thrives in Acapulco

ACAPULCO, Mexico - It's early in the evening and they're already on the streets looking for customers.

Southwest Airlines sued after teen sexually harassed on flight

A father Monday filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, claiming his 14-year-old son was "aggressively" pursued by an older woman who offered the boy sex and drugs during a flight, Sun-Times Media

Australian man arrested in Cambodia for child sex

According to media sources in Phnom Penh, Cambodian police arrested an Australian man on suspicion of paying for sex with underage girls over a number of years.

Visiting the Chinese Sex Museum makes its easy to see why...

The China Guide http://www.thechinaguide.com/ is taking tourists on the road less traveled via the ancient water town of Tongli near Shanghai.

2 Russian tourists challenge Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines

Two Russian tourists who challenged a Florida law prohibiting sexual relationship with a porcupine have had to undergo a lengthy treatment for genital inflammation.

ECPAT Netherlands International holds expert meeting on combating child sex tourism

ECPAT the Netherlands, together with ECPAT Germany, organized an expert meeting on March 8-10, 2009 about the multi-stakeholder approach to combat the sexual exploitation of children in tourism.

Sex on the reef–coral spawning!

Palm Cove, Australia (eTN) - Well it looks like it’s on again the annual sex on the reef--coral spawning.

Brit tourists in sex game disgrace

Nine British women who took part in an oral sex competition while on holiday on the Greek island of Zakynthos are facing charges of prostitution.

Spitzer loved earth and her (sinful) daughters

Until he took office as New York governor in January 2007 for a little over a year, Eliot Laurence Spitzer’s pet peeves were environment’s worst enemies.

From treks to sex

“I CAN only dance when I'm drunk,” confides Srijana, a 20-year-old employee of the Pussy Cat Bar and Shower, a tavern in Thamel, Kathmandu's main tourist hangout. A few slurps from a customer's glass later and she mounts a small stage. There, to whoops from a few tipsy locals, she sheds most of her clothes and gyrates to a Hindi pop tune.
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