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Ban calls for integrated strategy against piracy in Gulf of Guinea

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged States and regional organizations in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea to develop a comprehensive and integrated strategy to combat maritime piracy, which he sai

Ban urges Europe to forge common agenda against global inequality

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on European countries today to unite in tackling the world’s most looming issues and work together to ensure the prosperity of future generations.

Ban: Richer countries have greater responsibility to restore financial stability

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said that the world's major economies must shoulder greater responsibility to restore global financial stability, urging them to follow the model of the 2008 London

Abbas submits Palestinian application for UN membership

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today submitted an application for Palestine to become a United Nations Member State.

World leaders to discuss nuclear safety and security at UN events

Amid the heightened attention given to the issue of nuclear safety and security in recent months, world leaders will convene at United Nations Headquarters this week to discuss how to advance this goa

Palestinians to submit UN membership application on Friday

The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, told Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today that he intends to submit an application this Friday for Palestine to become a United Nations Member

Ban warns world not to replace ozone-depleting gases

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the international community today not to replace ozone-depleting gases that are now being phased out with highly potent global warming substitutes.

UN markas International Day of Peace

The United Nations today marked the annual International Day of Peace with tributes to those working to build a better future as well as a call to people everywhere to make their voices heard to stren

Ban pledges UN support for democratic and stable Libya

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today pledged the continued assistance of the United Nations in helping Libya tackle its humanitarian challenges, as well as in building a democratic and stable nation on

Ban welcomes measures announced by US to prevent genocide

The steps recently announced by President Barack Obama of the United States to strengthen his Government’s capacity to help prevent genocide and other mass atrocities are “promising” initiatives

Ban calls for more Israeli steps to lift Gaza blockade

The Israeli Government needs to take more steps to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, particularly to allow the free import of construction materials into the area, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sai

Marking International Friendship Day, UN chief urges global amity

On the first International Day of Friendship, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the global community to work together to build a peaceful, more prosperous world, where old friendships flourish and n

UN: Sustainable development vital to protect economies and environment

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated that humanity must give sustainable development greater attention, saying that the current model of using resources was putting a strain on ecosystems an

Ban supports Greek initiative to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced support for a Greek Government initiative to use vessels from that country to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through regular existing channels, in

UN: Upcoming Thai polls should be free, fair and peaceful

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today he is closely following the situation in Thailand ahead of this Sunday’s national elections and hopes the polls will be credible and free from violence.

Ban calls for further steps by Iraq to fulfil pledges to...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has encouraged the Iraqi Government to act quickly to fulfil its obligations to find Kuwaiti or third country nationals, property and archives lost in Saddam Hussein’s

Brazil praised for global leadership and commitment to UN ideals

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has praised Brazil for its leadership and commitment to world peace and security, regional integration, development and the promotion of the values and goals of the Unite

UN marks World Oceans Day with calls to preserve seas for...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on all governments and peoples to play their part to ensure that the world’s oceans are protected for future generations, warning that they face major thre

UN chief: Buddha’s teachings offer guidance to solving key global problems

As millions of people worldwide observe the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has paid tribute to the spiritual leader’s teaching on the need for compassi

As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparedness

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for accelerated efforts to strengthen the capacity to withstand disasters across the world, saying the destruction wrought by such events can be avoided or m

Ban reiterates calls to end deadly violence and mass arrests in...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reiterated his calls for an immediate end to the violence in Syria and for an independent inquiry into the numerous killings during recent protests amid fresh reports

On eve of Chernobyl visit, Ban outlines path to strengthening nuclear...

The recent power plant accident in Japan, like the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago, calls for “deep reflection” on the future of nuclear energy, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, as he out

Ban: Comprehensive global response to piracy off Somalia needed

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for a comprehensive response to maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia, saying the menace is a consequence of the overall insecurity, lack of a stable nati

Ban: World faces “epochal” shift in global history

The world is facing an important shift in global history which is “no less transformative” than the “epochal” year of 1989, when numerous governments fell across Eastern Europe, Secretary-Gene

UN officials hail climate change deal

The United Nations climate change talks in Cancún have concluded with a package of decisions to help countries advance towards a low-emissions future, delivering what the world body's top officials h

Jordan does a first, in UN’s view

Jordan has become the first country to pledge an additional unit to United Nations police in Liberia, answering UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon’s call for extra forces to support their Liberian cou