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Indonesian domestic capacity, cross-strait liberalisation driving Asia/Pacific growth

LUTON, UK - The continued increase in seat capacity across the Asia/Pacific region can be largely attributed to the expansion of capacity in Indonesia’s domestic market and an increase in services

London airports to fall short of seat capacity in December

LUTON, England - Seat capacity across London’s airports during December 2012 is expected to decrease, compared with an increase at London’s key European competitors, according to the latest statis

Abu Dhabi aviation market set for strong growth in 2012

The Abu Dhabi aviation market is set for strong growth in 2012, according to the latest OAG data. Seat capacity is expected to increase to 9.9m (one-way) this year, up 12% from 8.9m in 2011.

US carriers might be forced to cut seat capacity by 5%

Delta Air Lines Inc., American Airlines and other U.S. carriers may need to trim as much as 5 percent more seating capacity after the summer travel season to increase fares.