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Uganda CAA takes issue with loans for expansion

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority was made to appear before the parliamentary public accounts committee to be subjected to scrutiny over the work scope, the expansion, and modernization of Entebbe I

Increased scrutiny of booze cruise operators called for

The Brisbane party cruise operator from whose boat missing Irishman Shane O'Halloran fell at the weekend has called for increased scrutiny of safety standards in the industry.

For-hire flights’ lax safety comes into spotlight after collision

WASHINGTON — The collision that sent a sightseeing helicopter full of tourists and a small plane into the Hudson River on Saturday comes less than a month after a federal watchdog warned that safety

Emirates wants more scrutiny of transatlantic airline alliances

BRUSSELS - The European Union should scrutinise more closely the competitive advantage enjoyed by transatlantic airline alliances to ensure they do not violate antitrust rules, Emirates Airlines said

FAA under scrutiny for airline maintenance lapses

The FAA is facing a wide-ranging investigation into recent maintenance troubles at airlines.