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Governors’ Climate Forum Annual Meeting 2011 to be held in central...

Some 30 governors from various countries will gather at the Luwansa Hotel at

Governor Schwarzenegger wants more Indian tourists for California

MUMBAI - During a launch event hosted by the California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC) in Mumbai, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger extended a personal invitation to Indian travelers to come and ex

California’s State Parks draw visitors and their money. Is closing them...

Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposal to close 220 of the state's 279 state parks as a cost-cutting measure could be a shot in the foot of California's economy, according to two studies.

Schwarzenegger promotes tourism in Japan

SACRAMENTO — Advertisements starring Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are running on network television in Tokyo, featuring the governor speaking briefly in Austrian-accented Japanese.

Governors Lingle, Schwarzenegger raise concern over foreign cruise rules

HONOLULU - Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up to take on a federal rule they say will seriously hurt Hawaii's and California's cruise ship industry.Lingle and Schwarzenegger sent a letter to the head of Homeland Security urging him to reject a rule.