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Sauti Za Busara gets ready for 10th anniversary edition

The 10th edition of Sauti Za Busara, East Africa’s most popular performing arts festival held on the spice island of Zanzibar, is gearing up as final preparations are now underway for the February 1

Sauti za Busara biggest event for Zanzibar tourism

(eTN) - Zanzibar’s globally-renowned music and culture festival, Sauti za Busara, is finally getting the official recognition it has always deserved, when official tourism sources announced that a s

Biggest cultural festival in Africa a month away

(eTN) - The now globally-renowned music and performing arts festival in Zanzibar, Sauti za Busara, is now only a month away for their 8th edition.

Zanzibar gets ready for Sauti Za Busara Festival 2011

(eTN) Performers from across the African continent and beyond are invited by the organizers of East Africa’s premier music, art, and culture festival,