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Indonesia launches tourism campaign to attract more Saudi visitors

Indonesia has launched a major drive to attract more Saudi tourists this year. Its new two-day promotion ended at the Mall of Arabia this week.

Saudi tourists among the biggest spenders on the planet

Visa has prepared its latest “Tourism Outlook: UAE” report, comparing tourism receipts from across the UAE in 2010 and 2011, in order to provide a unique insight into where and how international v

Indonesia goes after Saudi tourists

CAIRO, Egypt - In a push to attract more Saudi tourists to Indonesia, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry recently held a tourism exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, along with the Indonesian co

Tendencies of Saudi tourists

Applied statistics and studies surveying tendencies and wishes of Saudi tourists manifest that 4.5 million Saudi nationals spent their summer vacation 2010 abroad, and spent US$33 billion.

Despite looming tension Beirut still popular with Saudi tourists

JEDDAH - With tensions brewing between Israel and Lebanon and the possibility of an Israeli attack on the south of the country similar to what took place in 2006, there are reports that the country’

3 Saudi tourists killed by gunmen in Niger

NIAMEY, Niger – Unidentified gunmen shot dead three tourists from Saudi Arabia in an attack Monday in Niger's remote western desert, officials said.