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History has been made with the new policies on border crossing...

History has been made with the new policies on border crossing between Pakistan and India.

The Motor Coach Industry embraces drivers and guides

Silverado Stage's Director of International Sales, Jim Federman, along with Ted Bravos, President of International Tour Managemet Institute (ITMI), discuss the growth and benefits of using the motor c

Author Rick Antonson Joins TravelTalkRADIO

Rick Antonson, author of Route 66 Still Kicks: Driving America’s Main Street tells us some stories on this adventure through the famous road.

Author of Dancing in the Foutain, Karen McCann, is perfect example...

Author of Dancing in the Fountain Karen McCann joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to share her story on how a simple vacations’ stay turned in to picking up and adding a home half way across

Ted Bravos talks about ITMI’s commitment to the Tour Guides

We are excited to announce that the International Tour Management Institute will be signing The Code Conduct to fight against Human Trafficking.

Sabre-Holdings signs The Code of Conduct

Sam Gilliland joins Sandy Dhuyvetter to talk about the Sabre-Holdings culture of giving back.

Travel industry leader reveals past by giving future to children

The “As You Wish Helmet Project” is a charity art event benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation and this is just one of over 40 helmets that you can bid on.

Richard Bangs talks about why Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival...

Richard Bangs joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to talk about the annual film festival at the Banff Center this coming Oct and Nov.

James Delgado’s new book, Silent Killers, celebrates the history of the...

James P. Delgado, Ph.D., is a world-renowned maritime archaeologist and author.

Fine artist infuses art with Elvis impersonations in Vegas and...

Get ready to be blown away. The best part is watching the ladies react to him. He is a class act and an exceptional talent.

Author Anita Mendiratta discusses new book with Sandy Dhuyvetter

Join Sandy Dhuyvetter and Anita Mendiratta as they discuss this literary genius that is touched with trendy information and a profound understanding of tourism and how it is shaping today's cultures a

Sandy welcomes her audiences to this week’s program

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkRADIO programming information.Sandy invited Greg Baxter, her longtime sidekick, to join her for this week's programming.

Airline Ambassadors International joins Japan relief efforts

Relief plans that included sending a first team to set up logistics began to be put into place almost immediately by Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) after the catastrophic events in Japan.