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Hawaii to replenish sand at Waikiki Beach

HONOLULU — Hawaii officials are appealing to the state's tourism authority for funds to restore part of world-famous Waikiki Beach.

Launching Hawaii tourism from the sand to the stars

Hawaii won't win the race to become the first state with space tourism, but in a new twist, it probably will be the first place where travelers can use the planes for real transportation.

Two shadows on the sand

Honeymoon season is upon us, reminding us that Hawaii, long a port of call for surfers, sailors, and snowbirds, has long beckoned as a Shangri-la for lovebirds.

Help scrawled in desert sand saves tourist

Font Size: Decrease Increase Print Page: Print By Rebekah Cavanagh | February 29, 2008 THE word "HELP'' drawn in the desert sand has led searchers to a lost French tourist who had been missing in the Northern Territory Outback for five days.