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Kingfisher starts paying May salary to lower level staff

MUMBAI, India - The grounded Kingfisher Airlines on Friday started paying salary for the month of May to its lower level staff and some cabin crew while there was no word about salary dues of pilots a

Significant number of Kingfisher employees accepts payment proposal

In what appears to be the first signs of a thaw in the bitter fight between Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) management and staff, a payment disbursement proposal, floated by the management on Monday, was ac

Miami-Dade tourism agency slashes salaries

With hotel taxes falling sharply, Miami-Dade's tourism bureau will cut payroll by 3 percent to combat its worst budget crisis since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Abandon ship: exiting CEOs make for a trend in tourism

With salaries as high as US$600,000 plus perks, such as first-class travel accommodations and all-expenses paid, it is no wonder high-ranking executives latch on to their jobs.