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Indonesia tightens regulation for foreign pilots

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesian Transportation Ministry will tighten regulation for foreign pilots working for the national carriers.

Regulators ground Air Nigeria for safety checks

LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigeria's 2nd-largest airline, Air Nigeria, was grounded by government regulators for safety checks on Wednesday.

IATA chief: EU bans on African carriers a misguided approach

Airlines have urged Western governments to do more to improve safety in Africa, and accused the European Union of failing to grasp the continent’s needs by banning dozens of carriers.

Chinese visitors to leave Philippines by May 16

BEIJING, China - Chinese tourists in the Philippines will return home as their trips conclude by May 16 as scheduled, according to China's tourism administration.

European aviation hangs whistleblowers out to dry

The people most likely to have seen the need to address safety issues with the aircraft you are about to board, are the aircraft engineers.