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Rwanda’s tourism income sharply up compared to 2010

(eTN) - The first quarter results of Rwanda’s tourism sectoral performance were released, and the earnings confirmed by government sources are in the region of US$56 million, compared with a figure

Rwanda turns forests into tourism assets

(eTN) - "The land of a thousand hills," as Rwanda is known by her friends from near and far, has in recent years enjoyed a boom in tourism arrivals, and before becoming a victim of its own success wit

Rwanda lobbies for more airstrips

(eTN) - The tourism industry got a valuable lobbying ally when the Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) put their weight behind pending requests to construct more helipads, airstrips, and aerodromes across th

Nyungwe National Park to benefit from new tourist attractions

(eTN) - The opening last week of Rwanda’s first "canopy walk" at the Nyungwe National Park has heralded in a period of intense work to create more infrastructure across the forest park, all aimed to