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Israel Loves Africa: African Tourism Board and Rwanda Air Take Action

George Taylor George Taylor- May 20, 2019

African Tourism Board representative in Israel Mr. Dov Kalmann, has sent his congratulations to H.E. Ambassador Joseph Rutabana of Rwanda ... Read More

African Tourism Board: Greg Bakunzi of Red Rock Initiative makes Rwanda Tourism proud

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 26, 2019

Red Rocks Cultural Center in Rwanda founder Greg Bakunzi today was appointed as the latest board member of the African Tourism ... Read More

Nyungwe women’s cooperative benefits from tourism income

editor editor- June 18, 2013

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Tourism and Conservation Department, led by Ms. Read More

Rwanda government introduces new draft tourism bill to parliament

editor editor- May 17, 2013

(eTN) - Rwanda’s government yesterday presented a new draft tourism bill to parliament, aimed to strengthen the sector through better ... Read More

Swiss school to build hotel training facility in Rwanda

editor editor- April 16, 2013

(eTN) - A regular source from Kigali has sent information that Rwanda’s Workplace Development Authority (WDA) has apparently entered into ... Read More

Rica Rwigamba takes over Chair of GVTC

editor editor- April 13, 2013

(eTN) – The Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Head of Tourism and Conservation, Rica Rwigamba, took over as Chairperson of the ... Read More

Rwanda striving to make hospitality training a greater priority

editor editor- January 21, 2013

(eTN) - The Tourism Chamber, part of the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda, has recently completed a field study aimed ... Read More

Rwanda scraps visa in advance rule for African nationals

editor editor- December 10, 2012

(eTN) - In a remarkable departure from common practice among African states, Rwanda just declared that come January 1 ALL ... Read More

Globe spots put Rwanda in top ten global tourism destinations

editor editor- November 29, 2012

(eTN) - One of the world’s leading guide publications, Globe Spot, has named Rwanda as their top 6th global destination, ... Read More

Tour du Rwanda 2012 underway

editor editor- November 19, 2012

(eTN) - Rwanda’s annual cycling tour is underway at the national Amahoro Stadium with the first of the 8 stages ... Read More

Rwanda launches second phase of grading and classification of hotels

editor editor- October 30, 2012

(eTN) - Information was received from Kigali overnight that the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department is now embarking ... Read More

Rwanda’s tourism registers unabated growth

editor editor- October 11, 2012

(eTN) - Information made public yesterday in Kigali show a continued strong sectoral growth for the tourism sector in Rwanda, ... Read More

Rwanda Development Board responds with better service campaign

editor editor- March 29, 2012

(eTN) - Hot on the heels of growing demands by the private sector stakeholders that Rwanda needs more training for ... Read More

Rwanda embarks on Google mapping of tourism attractions

editor editor- March 24, 2012

(eTN) - Today is a significant day in Rwanda, as work will get underway for another first, where Rwanda takes ... Read More

Rwanda Presidential Advisory Council focuses on tourism

editor editor- March 21, 2012

(eTN) - On the eve of linking Rwanda with 5-star flights to the rest of the world through Qatar Airways’ ... Read More

Lake Kivu islands survey may hold key to future conservation use

editor editor- January 14, 2012

(eTN0 - Several dozen of the scenic islands, which dot Lake Kivu in Rwandan waters, will be surveyed in coming ... Read More

Tourism ends as top earner for 2011 in Rwanda

editor editor- January 3, 2012

(eTN) - Preliminary figures availed over the weekend from usually well-informed sources indicate that the tourism sector has overtaken coffee ... Read More

More than 2 dozen hotels await star rating in Rwanda

editor editor- December 29, 2011

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for Tourism and Conservation, has concluded the first phase of the East Africa-wide ... Read More

Rwanda Hotel Association elects new chair

editor editor- November 14, 2011

(eTN) - The just concluded annual general meeting of the Rwanda Hotel and Restaurant Association has elected Mr. Dennis Karera ... Read More

Rwanda’s arrivals up by 28 percent

editor editor- November 10, 2011

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Tourism and Conservation division staff went to London’s World Travel Market (WTM) armed ... Read More

Rwanda Development Board diversifies tourism

editor editor- November 5, 2011

KIGALI – Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in the process to diversify tourism products that it has been developing under the ... Read More

International Council of Tourism Partners welcomes Rwanda as destination member

editor editor- October 19, 2011

ICTP (International Council of Tourism Partners) is proud to announce that the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is the latest destination ... Read More

Japan targeted by Rwanda tourism for more visitors

editor editor- October 13, 2011

(eTN) - The recently concluded JATA 2011, Japan’s if not Southeast Asia’s leading travel show, was once again attended by ... Read More

Rwanda tourism launching Congo Nile Trail

editor editor- October 13, 2011

(eTN) - In another remarkable show of innovative spirit, the Rwanda Development Board - Tourism and Conservation in recent months ... Read More

Gishwati Forest lined up as Rwanda’s next national park

editor editor- October 8, 2011

(eTN) - Sources close to the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Division have confirmed earlier in the week that ... Read More

New airport for Rwanda under review

editor editor- August 29, 2011

(eTN) - Plans for a new international airport outside Kigali in Bugesera, Rwanda, are being reviewed, with the latest studies ... Read More

New record arrivals affirm validity of conservation policies in Rwanda

editor editor- August 22, 2011

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Tourism and Conservation Division earlier in the week released their latest data on ... Read More

Views of Nyungwe Forest from above and below

editor editor- July 27, 2011

RWANDA (eTN) - If ever I have entered an enchanted forest, where I expected to momentarily see elves and hobbits ... Read More

Rwanda Development Board launches new bird routes

editor editor- July 11, 2011

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Tourism and Conservation division, in conjunction with the Rwanda Birding Association, has launched ... Read More

Former king’s palace at center of new culture tourism drive

editor editor- June 15, 2011

(eTN) - Today is the launch of Rwanda’s new "Cultural Tourism" product, when the rehabilitated and refurbished former palace and ... Read More

Rwanda museums to promote cultural tourism

editor editor- June 11, 2011

(eTN) - The Rwanda national museums have, just in time for the big Kwita Izina week, announced that they will ... Read More

Kanombe International Airport upgrades to continue

editor editor- May 14, 2011

(eTN) - Although the planning for the new Bugesera International Airport is continuing on schedule, the Rwandan government is nevertheless ... Read More

Rwanda’s tourism income sharply up compared to 2010

editor editor- May 2, 2011

(eTN) - The first quarter results of Rwanda’s tourism sectoral performance were released, and the earnings confirmed by government sources ... Read More

Never again

editor editor- April 9, 2011

(eTN) - As Rwanda commemorated the 17th anniversary of the genocide, which swept the country in April and May 1994, ... Read More

New Rwandan wildlife bill awaiting presidential consent to become law

editor editor- March 16, 2011

(eTN) - The various amendments to the Rwandan wildlife laws – most notably the provision to pay compensation to people ... Read More

Rosette Rugamba invited to ITB panel in Berlin

editor editor- March 10, 2011

(eTN) - Rosette Rugamba, former head of ORTPN (Rwanda's Office of Tourism and National Parks) and then Deputy CEO at ... Read More