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Rwanda government halts hotel sale

(eTN) - As ties with the new Libyan government continue to improve, news broke that the Rwandan government, initially intent to sell off the Umubano Hotel, halted the sale when Laico Hotels failed to

Rwanda Development board set to grade 30 more hotels this year

(eTN) - Information was confirmed from a regular source in Kigali, that the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department will grade at least 30 more hotels this year, following the

Rwanda launches second phase of grading and classification of hotels

(eTN) - Information was received from Kigali overnight that the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department is now embarking on phase two of the ongoing grading and classification

Serena Hotel and Nyungwe Forest Lodge top Rwanda’s hotels

(eTN) - The Kigali Serena was the first to receive the coveted 5-star rating for any Kigali business and city hotel, following an exhaustive and extensive grading and classification exercise conducted

More than 2 dozen hotels await star rating in Rwanda

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for Tourism and Conservation, has concluded the first phase of the East Africa-wide grading and classifying of hotels, resorts, lodges, and other hospitality

Rwanda Hotel Association elects new chair

(eTN) - The just concluded annual general meeting of the Rwanda Hotel and Restaurant Association has elected Mr. Dennis Karera as the new chairperson. Upon his election, Mr.

Rwanda gets 250 more hotel rooms

(eTN) - The visit of the Marriott delegation to Kigali, where they inspected the progress of the ongoing construction, has also brought clarity about the size of the new luxury city hotel. Mr.

Rwanda hoteliers seek wisdom from Mombasa counterparts

(eTN) - The hotel and restaurant association of Rwanda has just embarked on a fact-finding mission by at least 30 members to Mombasa, where they expect to meet and interact with their counterparts run

Kingdom Hotels Prince Al-Waleed snubs Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - In a move certain to perplex the powers that be in Uganda the Saudi Prince Al Waleed, owner of Kingdom Hotels, apparently did an about-turn on his East African plans and expressed his o