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Rural South Africa hopes culture will lure tourists

Sitting on tree stumps in a semi-circle, men wait patiently for a woman in a brightly coloured Venda dress to dish out her marula fruit beer from two big clay pots on a straw mat.

Eradicating poverty in Rwanda through rural tourism

The Rwanda Development Board–Tourism & Conservation recently released news about yet another tourism attraction, this latest one being a 200 KM trail along the shores of Lake Kivu and named "Congo

Real Mexico: An insider’s guide to rural tourism

The year was 1970, and I was about to turn 21.

Small cities should prepare for fewer flights

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - The rejection from Air Midwest came swiftly on a one-page fax. The carrier couldn't afford to fly to the mountain community of Prescott anymore, officials said. The city would simply have to find a new tenant for its tiny airport."Everything was going fine — then, bam — the airline is gone," Mayor Jack Wilson said with a sigh. "That's just not how you do business."