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Maori tattoos all the rage with Rugby World Cup tourists

Maori tattoos are a permanent reminder of New Zealand for many Rugby World Cup tourists.

UK travel website predicts Argentina for Rugby World Cup host

LONDON, England - With the first game set to kick off on 9th September in New Zealand, the UK travel website cheapflights.co.uk guides travelers to the world's top destinations for celebrating the Rug

New Zealand tourism expects significant extra income from Rugby World Cup

New Zealand tourism companies should expect significant extra income from an estimated 85,000 visitors when the nation hosts the Rugby World Cup next year, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

World Cup party zone on Queen’s Wharf revealed

Auckland's Rugby World Cup party zone on Queen's Wharf will end up as a $NZ9 million ($A6.9 million) prefabricated and moveable structure, the government and Auckland Regional Council said today.

Event big turn-off for non-sporting tourists

The tourism industry fears the Rugby World Cup will deter traditional tourists from visiting New Zealand in 2011 although the confirmation of Christchurch as host for two quarter-finals will bring a s