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US travel agents: Airfare cost on the rise, demand high for...

In 2002, Delta Air Lines decided to impose a zero commission policy on travel agents sales. Other US carriers followed soon after.

Five things you need to know about river cruising

PENNINGTON, N.J. - As the expansion of river cruise fleets continues, Cruise Critic has launched a new river cruise resource to help travelers compare ships and cruise lines.

Small ships are darlings of the water for a sea of...

Life-time sailor and director of sales for Star Clippers, Bill Dwyer joins Sandy to talk about the business of Star Clippers and advantages of working with his company where their biggest ship welcome

River cruises keep on rolling on the Danube

DANUBE RIVER — It looked like a picture out of my high school German textbook: A perfect, suntanned family frolicking in the shallows of the Danube.