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Active shooter incidents: How to Identify a Defensible Area?

Active shooter incidents used to be rare events. People are now realizing there is a higher potential for being involved in one as the frequency of these events increases. According to a 2018 FBI report, twenty-one states around the country, from California to Maryland, saw active shooter incidents in the two-year period from 2016 to 2017, ten more than in the previous two-year perio

Happy Chanukah from the land where miracles are a daily occurrence!

Tourism in Israel is booming and Chanukah is a great time to visit the Jewish State. A record 3.6 million tourist arrived in Israel 2017, a 25 percent growth since 2016. This is also the time donuts are big business, and here is why:

Five Spanish hotel companies continue commitment to future of young Dominicans

On December 3, there was a graduation ceremony for 48 Dominican students who participated in the fourth class of the Chance project.

US travelers brace for major storm due to slam the south-central...

Heavy snow, ice, rain and thunderstorms will hit travel hard across the south-central United States from Friday to Saturday.

Wide-bodied aircrafts return to Calicut International

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has announced the resumption of wide-bodied aircraft operations from Calicut International Airport.

Rogue shark tourism companies putting peoples’ lives in danger

New Zealand - Southern dive operators say the Government has done nothing to keep people safe from cowboy shark tourism companies operating in Foveaux Strait, despite repeated requests to take action.

Rescue worker: Tourists risk lives at Merapi Volcano

Boyolali, Central Java - Dozens of Indonesians and foreign tourists are putting their lives at risk by climbing the Merapi Volcano, a rescue worker warned on Sunday.

Winter sports tourists at greater risk of heart attack

Skiers and other winter sports tourists who visit the Alps are at increased risk for heart attack due to low temperatures, high altitude and inadequate conditioning for intense physical exertion, find

Experts: “Stem cell tourists” risking their lives and life savings

LONDON - Thousands of people are putting their health and life savings at risk to travel to private clinics around the world for unproven and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments, British expert

Destination news: Colombia is now acceptably safe and pleasant to visit

Juan Manuel Santos, a graduate of the University of Kansas and Harvard Graduate School who was recently elected president of Colombia, is widely regarded as a new kind of South American statesman, cap

Gary Kelly: Unstable fuel prices still a big risk for airline...

CHICAGO - The outlook for Southwest Airlines is much brighter in 2010 than it was a year ago, but volatile fuel costs are still a big risk for the industry, Southwest's chief executive said on Wednesd

US airline industry’s recovery threatened by a jump in jet fuel...

A jump in fuel prices poses one major obstacle for the U.S. airline industry's recovery, just as major carriers are starting to feel the benefits of tighter capacity and greater travel demand.

Tourists putting dolphins at risk in Zanzibar

A study of bottlenose dolphins living off the coast of Zanzibar has found that the many tourist boats operating in the area are harassing the animals, preventing them from resting, feeding and nurturi

BA risks possible Christmas strike

British Airways staff fighting planned cuts in cabin crew are to vote on strike action next month in a bad-tempered dispute that threatens to paralyse the heavily loss-making airline over the busy Chr

Environmental changes could wipe out some of the world’s most well-known...

As if an eroding worldwide economy weren’t enough to depress travel this year, some hot spots are facing even scarier scenarios: sinking, melting, or literally vanishing from the face of the earth.

Northwest passenger had tuberculosis, airline says

A passenger on Northwest Airlines Corp. Flight 51 from Frankfurt to Detroit on March 10 was found to have tuberculosis, the airline said today.

“Cursed” Alitalia, Pope’s airline, on the ropes

ROME - Alitalia facec the risk of collapse on Sunday as the government sought a last-minute between a consortium of investors and unions. Here are some key facts about Italy's flag carrier:

Inca city Machu Picchu said at risk from tourists

OSLO - The Inca city of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes needs better protection from environmental threats including tourism and fast expansion of a nearby town, a leading conservation group said o

Twenty-five percent of aircraft orders at risk

Analysts estimate that 25-30% of the commercial aircraft backlog at Boeing Co.

Uniglobe Travel launches tool to reduce travel risk

Uniglobe Travel has launched its Access More virtual Itinerary – a real-time support tool that reduces travel risk and keeps travellers up-to-date on the latest changes affecting their trip schedules as they happen.
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