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Tunisia is calm and prices are low, but where are the...

At first glance, the russet-brown ruins on a hill beside the Gulf of Tunis do not look like remarkable monuments to human resilience.

Tunisia: “Revolution” over, economy battered, tourism down 40 percent

TUNIS, Tunisia - After a year featuring regime collapse, cabinet reshuffles, strikes, a tourism drop-off and a degree of instability, the state of Tunisia's economy could be worse, economists said.

“Revolution” costs Tunisian tourism dearly

TUNIS - Tourism earnings in Tunisia fell almost 40 percent year-on-year in the first nine months of 2011, hit by unrest which led to the ouster of former leader Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, the ministry s

Challenges to the recovery of tourism in Egypt in 2011

Tourism to the Middle East, or should we more accurately describe it as the Muddle East, has been under serious siege during 2011.

Egypt to Tunisia: Thank you for inspiring us

BERLIN (eTN) – Egypt Tourism Minister Mounir Abdul Nour has expressed his gratitude on behalf of Egyptians to Tunis Tourism Minister Mehdi Houasm because "Tunisia has led the way for the sweeping ch

Revolution has cost Egyptian economy over $1 billion

The Egyptian revolution that successfully ousted Hosni Mubarak as president has cost the economy more than six billion Egyptian pounds (Dh3.74 billion) in losses in the manufacturing, construction and

China’s communists celebrate with ‘red tourism’

WUHU, China — Sixty years after founding the People's Republic of China, the communist regime is keeping the revolutionary fires burning while promoting its version of history through "red tourism"

Airline passenger subdued with help from Revolution

The FBI says an American Airlines flight on its way from Boston to Los Angeles was diverted to Oklahoma City after a passenger stripped nude and later tried to open an emergency exit door before being