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Asian tourism to Australia up 6.5 percent

Asian tourists are continuing to lead a revival in Australian tourism, with more than six million international tourists arriving on Australian shores for the first time in the past year.

Libya strives to revive tourism industry

Libya's Society for Tourism has started activities to revive the North African country's tourism industry following the recent Arab uprising.

UN political chief urges revival of Middle East peace talks

The United Nations political affairs chief today voiced concern over the continuing deadlock in peace talks aimed at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and urged both parities to make bold an

Bangkok looks at tourism revival strategies

(eTN) Following Bangkok’s violence, the Thai travel industry has been prompt to look at ways to revive tourism, involving members of the government at the highest level.

Where is the roadmap for tourism revival in Tanzania?

Although it is not acknowledged in Tanzania, a mild tourism recession has been with us since 2008 for reasons beyond our control.

Darjeeling Toy Train aims to revive tourism

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society (DHRS), a voluntary organization, is on a lookout for the development of the 'Toy Train' West Bengal, with an aim to revive tourism.

Sri Lanka enjoys cruise tourism revivial

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority said the cruise ship Discovery of the Voyages of Discovery cruise line called at Colombo port as part of a cruise tourism revival with the end of the island’s ethnic wa

Reviving tourism in Grand Bahama

David Johnson, deputy director general for the Ministry of Tourism, described the recent launch of the Club Grand Bahama initiative as a shining example that efforts are being made to revamp Grand Bah

Zimbabwe’s tourism revival lies in Victoria Falls paradise

The poster on the wall had an evocative black and white photograph of a man driving a locomotive. "Zimbabwe", it said, "Africa's paradise".

Nepal’s vital tourism sector revives

The end of a decade-long civil war in Nepal is drawing tourists back into the country, whose high Himalayan peaks attract hikers and visitors from all over the world.

Broadway 49-Times Square raises the curtain on a most unexpected and...

NEW YORK, NY (August 26, 2008) - The curtain is going up on Broadway 49 - Times Square, a Crowne Plaza Hotel, this fall to the tune of $85 million dollars.

El Salvador seeks revival in tourism

Misael Garcia's dark brown eyes look out with a steady gaze at the black and white photos of some of the 75,000 people who were killed in El Salvador's civil war.As he guides people around the Museum of the Revolution, he tells the story of the conflict slowly but with intense passion.