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Industry needs to treat the easy-to-pull price lever very carefully

In times of economic uncertainty where demand drops and becomes more unpredictable, the travel industry sees much more pressure on prices.

Working on a rate offering that captures demand to maximize overall...

One of the critical developments for revenue management (RM) in the hotel industry is that the customer is armed with better information.

Offering add-ons for additional convenience to customers from an airline’s perspective

The distinction, which could be done easily among various airline business models, has increasingly become less clear over the past few years.

Hostel revenue management tool set to launch

STAY WYSE, the accommodation sector association of the World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation, is launching a first-of-its kind benchmarking and revenue management program for hostels

Understanding the evolution of airline business models and associated changes in...

Competition has led many Limited Liability Companies (LCCs) to adopt attributes of network operators, including frequent flyer programs and, most particularly, the ability to connect with other airlin

Assessing the role of RM in ensuring financial success of an...

IN-DEPTH: Interview with Melissa Skluzacek, director – forecasting and operations research, Frontier Airlines