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Japan Airlines retires entire fleet of Boeing 747-400s

Today, JAL Group's last two Boeing 747-400s made their final touchdown at Tokyo (Narita) from Honolulu at 12:52pm and from Okinawa at 13:07pm as JAL's commercial flights, closing a significant chapter

Marshall Hotels & Resorts founder Chuck Marshall to retire

SALISBURY, MD - Charles "Chuck" Marshall, founder and chairman of Marshall Hotels & Resorts, announced today plans to retire from day-to-day activities on July 1, 2010, the 30th anniversary of the fou

Former Uganda tourism minister to retire from politics

The former Minister for Tourism, Trade, and Industry, Hon. Janat Mukwaya, announced last weekend her retirement from active politics, come the next general elections in early 2011.

American Airlines says goodbye to Airbus A300

DALLAS - American Airlines says it has completed its final flight using an Airbus A300, 21 years after the airline began using the craft.

Japan Airlines retires last classic jumbo 747s

Today will mark the final flight of JAL Group's last classic jumbo jet, the 747.

American Airlines line maintenance VP to retire

FORT WORTH, TX - Danny Martinez, vice president - line maintenance, has elected to retire from American Airlines in December.