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ARTA continues to be the voice of independent travel agents

From its roots in 1963, when a small, but vocal group of retail travel agents founded the first agent-only trade association, ARTA, the Association of Retail Travel Agents, continues to be the voice o

Boris Johnson: Olympics benefited London retail and tourism

LONDON, England - London retailing and tourism are getting a boost from the Olympics after all, according to the latest numbers.

South Korea’s retailers post worst results in 7 months

Sales at stores run by South Korea's top retailers posted the worst performance in seven months in September in the face of global economic turmoil and high local inflation, finance ministry data show

Destination news: Mega retail complex coming to Doha

DUBAI, UAE - Qatar's largest multipurpose complex will located on the northern highway linking Doha International Airport with the proposed Bahrain Causeway and will include a full retail center, an e

Walking the walk at THETRADESHOW

Attending events, conference, and exhibitions can often be very hectic and frazzled with all there is to do and see in a compact period of time.

Fraport plans passenger spending rise of at least 33 percent by...

The owner and operator of Frankfurt airport, Fraport, mainland Europe’s second biggest hub, is targeting a big rise in passenger spending in the coming four years and expects to increase the current