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UN: Sustainable development vital to protect economies and environment

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated that humanity must give sustainable development greater attention, saying that the current model of using resources was putting a strain on ecosystems an

UN urges good management of African resources for economic growth

African governments must ensure transparency and accountability in the management of natural resources, including oil, to generate revenue for growth through diversifying economies, a United Nations o

Hawaii Tourism Authority 2010 Natural Resources Program awards

HONOLULU, HI — The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the state agency for tourism, has announced the selection of 27 community-based projects throughout the state to receive funding in 2010 through it

Strong tourism numbers feed optimism in Western Australia

The clouds of economic uncertainty are clearing in Western Australia (WA), with strong tourism numbers feeding a growing optimism that WA is set to ride the second wave of an unprecedented resources b

Destination Marketing Association International and US Travel Association Foundations join resources

WASHINGTON, DC - The Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) and US Travel Association have joined the resources of their foundations to create a stronger organization better capable of