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Liverpool residents demanding curbs on Beatles tourism

Beatles tourism is the foundation of Liverpool's growing visitor economy with dozens of companies now offering tours around the Fab Four's old haunts.

Hollywood sign neighbors: Tourists go away

To a certain enterprising visitor to Los Angeles, the cluster of narrow winding streets above the Cahuenga Pass are the charming gateway to the city's single most recognisable landmark, the Hollywood

Berliners protest against city’s swelling tourism industry

It's a scene Berliners have become well accustomed to now that their home draws 9 million visitors every year: strolling in the park and having to dodge Segways and "conference bikes" pedalled by seve

NY residents: Enough of that tourist chopper noise already

NEW YORK - Residents of some waterfront neighborhoods in New York are buzzing mad about the relocation of all tourist helicopter flights in the city to a single location on Manhattan's southern tip.

With economy in the gutter, appreciation of tourists grows amongst Hawaii...

Nothing like an economic slowdown to make local residents' appreciation of tourists grow.

Barbados tourism official urges islanders to stay home

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - A Barbados tourism official is urging islanders to stay close to home during this year's summer season to help get the Caribbean country's economy back on track.

Resentment grows against Byron Bay tourists

Byron Bay's local council wants to curb the number of visitors to the New South Wales north coast holiday hotspot amid growing resentment from local residents.

Thousands evacuated as Mayon volcano oozes lava

MANILA, Philippines – Authorities moved thousands of villagers from harm's way near the Philippines' most active volcano Tuesday after it oozed lava and shot plumes of ash, and said they probably wo

Fewer and fewer call Venice home, but it’s not dead yet

The city of Venice, Italy, with its famous waterways and beautiful buildings is losing official residents at a rapid rate causing some people to hold a mock funeral on Saturday.

Tourist ruling worries Easter Island residents

It was supposed to be a first step in controlling the throngs of tourists and migrants that threaten the fragile ecology and cultural heritage of Easter Island.

Vancouver tourism woe is a boon for the locals

VANCOUVER — For hotel general manager Marion Harper Treskin, it is the type of visitors filling her rooms at the Westin Grand Hotel that tells the tale of this recession-ridden tourist season.

Coupons aim to prosper Nanjing tourism

BEIJING - The city government of Nanjing, eastern Jiangsu province, has decided to give away 20 million-yuan-worth of tourism coupons to urban residents in an effort to spur local consumption.

Video shows destructive side of Jamaica’s tourism industry

KINGSTON, Jamaica - The Jamaica Environmental Trust on Thursday night launched "Jamaica for Sale," a 92 minute video documentary highlighting disturbing issues behind the island's normally rosy sun, s

Tourists, residents flee as Gustav swamps Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Residents, tourists and oil workers fled as Gustav swamped Jamaica on Thursday, leaving 59 people dead in its wake.

Hawaii: ‘Tourists make lousy neighbors’

HONOLULU — Hawaii's verdant volcanic peaks and crystalline waters have made tourism the state's biggest industry. But not all Hawaii residents are thrilled by the millions who flock to their shores.They complain that some of the visitors renting homes and rooms in their residential neighborhoods create noise, drive up home and rental prices and destroy the sense of community.