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600 tourists stranded in flood-hit areas rescued in Pakistan

The Pakistani military said on Wednesday it had rescued about 600 tourists, including Chinese and Japanese nationals, who had been stranded in flood-hit areas of the country's northwest.

Tour boat burns and sinks, 17 tourists rescued, 1 missing

A Spanish tourist remains missing after a Turkish tour boat was engulfed by flames while sailing in the Mediterranean.

American tourist stuck in a pit for two days

A 27-year old American tourist was rescued Thursday after being stuck in a pit in the northern West Bank for two days.

Air Wing rescues stranded tourists from Ras Al Khaimah mountain

Ras Al Khaimah: A group of tourists spent an entire night on a mountain after a police rescue mission failed due to extreme darkness.

Antarctic tourists rescued from ship

Eleven Australians who were among 120 people on board a cruise ship damaged when it hit rock in Antarctica have been safely evacuated to Argentina.

Stranded tourists rescued

Bad weather caused by Cyclone Nargis forced navy ships to rescue stranded holidaymakers from islands in the Andaman Sea yesterday, while a mudslide alert is in place in 16 northern provinces. HTMS Thayan Chon rescued 302 tourists, both Thai and foreigners, from the Surin islands after they were stranded by high seas and strong winds caused by the cyclone.