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France requests airlines to reduce international flights on Tuesday

The French DGAC aviation authority is requesting airlines to reduce international flights by up to 50 percent on October 19.

American Air attendants request federal clearance to strike

American Airlines’ flight attendants requested federal approval to end contract talks, a step toward the first strike at a major U.S. carrier in almost five years.

British Airways requests talks deadline extension, attempts to avert strike

LONDON - Unite is considering British Airways PLC's request to extend the deadline by when talks must conclude, in the airline's last minute attempt to avert a strike, a spokeswoman for the trade

Chinese tourist’s asylum request rejected by Taipei

Taipei - A request for politcal asylum by Chinese tourist in Taiwan was rejected Tuesday, as immigration officers said they believed the woman was mentally disturbed.

Paris tourist board asks Parisians to smile

PARIS – Faced with a fall in tourist numbers due to the financial crisis and a reputation for unfriendliness, the Paris tourist board has made a simple request of the city's residents: smile.

AG asks airlines to drop passenger fees

HARTFORD, Conn. - As officials nationwide work to contain the H1N1 flu, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has asked airlines to change their practices.

Midwest Airlines pilots ask for federal mediation

MILWAUKEE — The union representing pilots at Midwest Airlines has asked for federal mediation in its contract negotiations with the airline.

It may be time to define ‘reasonable request’

United said last week it's going to ground another 70 planes and trim domestic schedules 17 percent by the end of 2009. This came a day after Delta said it would pare flights beyond the 11 percent already announced, and a couple of weeks after American said it was cutting domestic flights by 12 percent. So what happens to folks who've booked on flights that will be canceled?