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Model of partnership between one of the smallest and greatest countries...

Seychelles and China are set to boost and diversify their long-standing relations of cooperation. This emerged in talks between Seychelles President James A. Michel and the Chinese Vice-President Mr.

Bali provides venue for international conference on renewable energy

Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI–IRES) is organizing the international gathering of experts and practitioners of renewable energy and energy efficiency, World Renewable Energy Congress–In

Southwest Airlines makes EPA’s green power purchase list

Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated each of its National Top Partner lists, highlighting some of America's largest green power purchasers.

Study renewable energy on Maui this summer

KAHULUI, HI - Whether you’re preparing for a career in the emerging green workforce or just interested in becoming more energy efficient, University of Hawaii-Maui Community College (UH-Maui CC) is

Caribbean tourism industry puts renewable energy in its sights

The Caribbean tourism sector - pushed by its hotel industry - has launched a 24-month project to move towards energy efficiency.