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Around Italy for the festivities of patron saints

ITALY (eTN) - For some Christian denominations, including Catholicism, the patron saint is a person who is venerated as a saint, to whom the church entrusts the protection of a certain group of believ

Religious tourists keep Italy on must-see lists

ROME — While the world economic crisis forces many consumers to change spending habits, at least one of Italy's economic sectors has so far been barely touched: religious tourism.

Red tape curbs profits from Iraq religious tourism

KARBALA/NAJAF, Iraq - Tourism is booming in Iraq - religious tourism, at least - but Shi'ite Islam's holiest sites are struggling to cope with the influx.

Raelians claim religious discrimination at McCarran Airport

LAS VEGAS, NV - Dozens of Raelians were forced to leave McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Saturday afternoon under threat of arrest, but the police officers involved refused to say on what g