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Islamic zealots shut down ‘anti-Islamic’ spas in the Maldives

Visitors vacationing in Maldives will now have to look for their spa treatments elsewhere as a result of the decision taken by the local government.

An Open Letter to the Taliban


Tourists get to “test-drive” a religion in Istanbul

People usually think of religion in terms of a lifetime of commitment, but could you learn anything from trying one out for a month?

Minister: Church attacks threatening Malaysia’s tourism

RAUB - The Tourism Ministry fears that attempts of arson on several churches in the country may threaten its tourism industry's growth.

Ethiopia’s Hamer people threatened by tourism, religion

TURMI, Ethiopia — Ethiopia's Hamer people, a long isolated, pastoral warrior tribe, are increasingly opening up to tourists, a move some fear could endanger age-old traditions with too much exposure

Journey through the historical chasms of the Holy Land

Walking through the massive stone entrance of what two centuries ago was a gateway for pilgrims to a hostel in the historic port-town of Jaffa - not far from Tel Aviv - is a magical, eclectic artistic

Strange but true, only in Egypt

Aside from massive sectarian clashes reportedly taking place in the Upper Egyptian village of Tayibba in Samallut, there are other unexpected and bizarre events making headlines.

Church-based theme cruises thriving

Every year hundreds of thousands of people take their first cruise.