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Kidnapped Korean tourists released in Egypt

29 hours after they were kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai peninsula, three Koreans tourists have been safely released.

Israeli tourist who started massive fire in Chile released

An Israeli tourist charged by Chile with accidentally starting a massive forest fire in a popular national park was fined and released.

Kurdish rebels release kidnapped German tourists

Turkey's foreign ministry says Kurdish rebels have released three German tourists who were kidnapped earlier this month in the east of the country.

Freed Japanese tourist arrives in Tehran

A Japanese tourist who was released by rebels in southeastern Iran after being kidnapped in October arrived in Tehran on Sunday, an AFP correspondent reported.He arrived at Tehran city airport from the southeastern city of Zahedan at around 3:00 pm (1030 GMT) after his release on Saturday but did not make an appearance before the waiting media.

Freed Belgian hostages may leave Guatemala Monday

GUATEMALA CITY - Four Belgian tourists held hostage for 40 hours by peasant farmers in the Guatemalan jungle and released unharmed could fly home on Monday, a Belgian embassy spokesman said on Sunday.