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Honeymoon period for China-Taiwan tourism seems to be over

The honeymoon period for mainland Chinese tourists in Taiwan seems to have ended after three years since the government eased travel regulations for mainland tour groups.

Hong Kong Travel Industry Council to lose its authority

Hong Kong government prepares to create new system for licensing, regulation of tour companies

Air Transport Association calls for action on national airline policy

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade association for the leading U.S.

Greater regulation of adventure tourism urged in New Zealand

The father of a 21-year-old British girl who drowned while riverboarding in New Zealand will continue his fight for greater regulation of the country’s adventure tourism sector, despite new rules an

Minister: Thailand to review regulations to attract more tourists

BANGKOK - Thailand is willing to review regulations in the tourism sector to give more access to foreign investors and professionals in a move to attract more visitors, Finance Minister Korn Chatikava

Frustrated US carriers: Airlines want little from government other than to...

US passenger airlines are exasperated with tougher regulation and fear their nascent recovery could stall as the Obama administration presses consumer, safety and security initiatives.

When it comes to oil, airlines become big champions of financial...

Airlines and banks tend to be on the same page when it comes to regulation of business - they don't want it.

Cruise lines execs berate Alaska regulations

Presidents and CEOs of major cruise lines teamed up to scold Alaska on Tuesday in a panel at the Cruise Shipping conference in Miami. With Gov.

SCTA developing new regulations for tourism accommodation in the Kingdom

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), completed the re-evaluation of all Saudi Arabia hotels and more than 70 percent of furnished residential units in the Kingdom have been classif

New regulatory regime for Kenyan hospitality sector in 2010

The newly-inaugurated Hotel and Restaurant Authority will play an important role starting next year when all new hotel, resort, and lodge projects require to be licensed first, before commencing any c

EPA takes first stab at cruise ship pollution

Cleaner air for US coasts is a little closer to reality. The U.S.

India tightens rules for US tourists with long-term visas

In an apparent response to the David Headley episode, the Indian Government has, for the first time, imposed certain restrictions on American citizens visiting the country.

City regulations damaging tourism

Costly and unreasonable fees for coaches bringing visitors to historic cities are damaging tourism and could ultimately hit the local economies of key heritage sites, according to speakers at the ETOA

New Zealand gets tough on adventure tourism safety

Unsafe adventure tourism operators will be shut down after the Government has completed a review of the multimillion- dollar industry.

New rules on pilot fatigue promised by FAA

Federal Aviation Administrator J. Randolph Babbitt said he will "close the gap" if a government rulemaking committee fails to develop regulations aimed at curbing pilot fatigue.

Airlines: Regulate oil speculators

Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways are renewing their push for stronger regulations to limit oil speculation.

Antarctic cruise tourists lose out as soaring numbers alarm scientists

Tough new restrictions on the number of people visiting Antarctica are to be implemented as the volume of visitors to the White Continent continues to soar.

Cruise lines face new regulations

Cruise lines that sail through Pacific Northwest waters say they'll have a hard time meeting new pollution-control standards that kick in next year.

New group formed to push for airline passenger rights

Brandon M. Macsata had no single defining airline experience, no day in the rain where he sat on a grounded airplane for eight or 10 hours.

Saudi Arabia opens its doors to tourists… just a little

From the top of the huge sand dune the “Dancing Ladies” didn't look that big.

US travel groups criticise new entry regulations

The US Travel Association, the Washington-based non-profit organisation which represents all sectors of the travel industry, aims is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the United

Bahamas still reviewing shark diving

The government in the Bahamas says it is still considering what steps it will take, if any, to regulate shark-diving boats after a tourist was killed last year.

Pay attention to new rules

Happy New Year - a series of rules and regulations kick in that could affect your vacation. Ignore them, and you might find yourself delayed or denied access to your destination.No, really.

Tourism threat to whales curtailed in French Polynesia

Authorities in French Polynesia are cracking down on the whale watching industry.

Airlines deliberately ignoring safety regulations and getting away with it

CAPELLE AAN DEN IJSSEL, The Netherlands - Earlier this year AEI, the global body representing Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, requested its members to check as many aircraft logbooks as possible withi

Airline CEOs issue distress call to customers?

It is no secret that major US airlines are facing some of their toughest challenges.

Regulations on mainland tourists’ travel to Taiwan published

BEIJING - Mainland-based Cross-Strait Tourism Association (CSTA) has published three regulatory documents on mainland tourists' travel to Taiwan.

Thai Air tickets go 100% electronic

Effective June 1, 2008, Thai Airways International will make electronic ticketing available for all its flights, in accordance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.