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Newest member of global sustainable tourism association Bee + Hive

Pousada Trijuncão is the newest member of Global Sustainable Tourism Association, Bee + Hive.

WW2 ship sunk as reef to boost Florida tourism

Shrouded by smoke from detonated explosives, a former World War Two U.S.

Vacationers: help prevent damage to coral this summer

As millions of summer vacationers prepare for their annual trek to a beach or favorite vacation spot, a coalition of conservationists, scientists, and fashion and jewelry designers is encouraging trav

Sex on the reef–coral spawning!

Palm Cove, Australia (eTN) - Well it looks like it’s on again the annual sex on the reef--coral spawning.

Not only legislation can help but enforce is mandatory to saving...

GRAND TURK, Turks and Caicos (eTN) – Dr. Murray Simpson, senior research associate at Oxford University, has said that the Caribbean is a vulnerable hotspot for reef destruction and that there is a need for governments in the region to not only pass legislations as a means of taking action and to make sure the law is enforced.
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