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Bangkok emerges from curfew to smoke and gunfire

Plumes of smoke hung overhead and gunfire crackled Thursday as Bangkok emerged from an curfew aimed at quelling mayhem unleashed by enraged anti-government protesters targeted in an army offensive.

Surrender in Bangkok – Ratchaprasong is clear

Seven Red Shirt leaders surrendered to police at the Royal Thai Police headquarters at about 1:30 pm on Wednesday.

Bangkok subway and SkyTrain to remain closed

The subway train service in Bangkok will remain closed at all stations on Tuesday due to the continuing violent clashes between troops and protesters, Maj. Gen.

Bangkok is dragged into a civil war situation (Updated Sunday, May...

On Sunday morning, the situation continues to remain confused in Bangkok following the escalation of violence between Red Shirt protesters and the government’s forces since Thursday.

51 percent support Thai government’s action against Red Shirt protesters

A recent survey conducted by Suan Dusit Poll revealed that many respondents supported the government's plan to send in troops to deal with the seven-week, anti-government protest at Bangkok's Ratchapr

Bangkok sinks further into chaos following shooting (updated Friday 14/05- 8:30...

There was a sense yesterday late afternoon that something could move to unlock the situation in which Bangkok’s city center has been plunged for over five weeks by Red Shirts’ protesters.

Thai general vows civil war before being shot

A renegade Thai general was shot in Bangkok on Thursday as the military planned to encircle barricaded antigovernment demonstrators.

Bangkok hotels take a major hit

The global media coverage of unrest and violence in Bangkok has frightened a lot of travelers away and put the brakes on an otherwise promising recovery.

Renewed violence in Bangkok

Thailand's reconcilation process painfully agreed upon by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and the Red Shirts leader is again at stake, following renewed violence on Friday evening in Bangkok's city c

Bangkok on its way back to normalcy

Following the proposal of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to hold elections on November 14 as part of his "roadmap to national reconciliation," the situation in Bangkok is now less tense.

How about experiencing Bangkok these days ?

For almost a month now, the Red Shirts’ presence in the city center of Bangkok has filled up media reports – including this website.

Clashes between army and Red Shirts paralyze Bangkok

The Red Shirts' decision this Wednesday to move out of Rachaprasong in a convoy to reach northern Bangkok was followed by a violent confrontation with the government's security forces.

Violence in the City of Angels has gone far enough

The explosion of violence in the heart of Bangkok on Thursday night took one life and packed the emergency rooms of hospitals in the Silom area with the wounded.

The new face of Silom Road in Bangkok

Deadly confrontations on Thursday night between Red Shirts and the pro-government movement is now taking its toll on Bangkok daily life and particularly impacting Silom Road.

Bombs in Silom leave one dead and around 85 wounded

Red Shirts and pro-government supporters at the Silom crossroads, around the Dusit Thani Hotel area, turned tragic tonight as four grenades exploded near the MRT station.

Protests expanding to Silom area

Barricades along the street, barbed wires on side-walks, armed soldiers patrolling and maintaining security in front of shops - this is Silom Road on Wednesday evening.

Uncertainties remain in Bangkok

Thai army taking possession of Silom business district helped to diffuse some of the tensions perceptible in Bangkok while Red Shirt continue to stage a protest in the Thai capital.

ASEAN called to defuse explosive crisis in Thailand

According to media sources in Phnom Penh, Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong on Saturday night proposed to hold an urgent ASEAN Summit to help defusing Thailand's extremely explosive crisis.

Government to restore normalcy in the various areas of Bangkok

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva reaffirms that the government is duty bound to resolve the present situation.

Thai tourism Industry may have lost more than one billion US...

The tourism sector has lost more than 35 billion baht (more than 1 billion US dollars) due to the intensifying mass anti-government rally and the bloody confrontations on Saturday between red-shirt pr