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China recalls 54 bullet trains from Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

BEIJING, China - China's second-largest train manufacturer will recall 54 bullet trains running on the new Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway after a series of malfunctions, a company official said F

American Airlines flight attendants to get recall notices

FORT WORTH, Texas — 368 flight attendants will be recalled to deal with an expected increase in summer traffic, American Airlines said.

Continental recalls some pilots it furloughed several years ago

NEW YORK - Continental Airlines is recalling some of the pilots it furloughed several years ago, as the company ramps up international flights and replaces retiring older pilots.

United Airlines to recall 107 line mechanics

CHICAGO — United Airlines says it will recall 107 furloughed mechanics.

Frontier Airlines affirms there are no recalled peanuts on their aircraft

DENVER, CO - Frontier Airlines wants to assure all of its customers that it is taking every proactive measure to ensure that all food products served on Frontier flights are safe and not involved in a

American Airlines to recall 24 pilots in February

AMR Corp.'s American Airlines said Tuesday it would recall 24 pilots in February, the first new pilot hires at the airline in eight months.