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Tourism India cycling tour ended with sexual assault and gang rape...

The danger of being gang raped is now a threat for the tourism industry in India.

Since 2008 Swiss tourists are getting raped in India

ETN reported in 2008 about a third rape offense in a month in India when a 25-year-old woman tourist from Switzerland was allegedly raped by the owner of a hotel in Pushkar in Rajasthan.

American tourist robbed and raped in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - A 25-year-old American tou­rist was robbed and raped by two men after being taken on a 80km terror ride in a taxi.

New Indian law against rape to include death penalty

NEW DELHI, India - The new law against rape in India will help to control ever increasing trend of rapes as the law defines consent as an “unequivocal voluntary agreement” when the person by words

Travel advisories warn women not to travel alone in India

NEW DELHI, India - A 23-year-old South Korean college student, holidaying in India on a tourist visa, reported to police that she was drugged and raped by the son of a hotel owner as she visited the B

Drunk British tourist arrested in Beijing for sexual assault

A video of a British tourist sexually assaulting a local woman in Beijing has gone viral in China, prompting angry calls for him to be charged with attempted rape.

Dubai cop charged with brutal rape of Japanese tourist

DUBAI, UAE - A Dubai police officer has been charged with the brutal rape of a tourist in Hatta.

Death for taxi drivers over Aussie tourist murder

An Indian court has sentenced to death two taxi drivers who were found guilty of murdering an Australian tourist in 2004, reports say.

Two Israelis won’t face charges in alleged rape of Danish tourists

The state prosecutor in the southern district on Monday informed the lawyers of two young Israelis accused of raping a Danish tourist that they would drop the indictment against the two due to problem

Indian man gets life term for raping tourist

JAIPUR, India - An Indian court sentenced a guesthouse owner to life in prison on Wednesday for raping a British tourist last December.The sentencing comes after an increase in attacks on foreign tourists in India and after the government ordered the police to provide more protection to foreigners.

Foreign women must be more careful, Goa chief says after girl’s...

Women tourists who visit Goa, where a teenage British girl was found dead last month, cannot expect to wander wherever they please after midnight without fear of the possible consequences, the chief minister of the Indian state said yesterday.Digambar Kamat said that foreign women should take greater responsibility for their personal safety.