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Tourism industry again collapsed – this time due to floods

Recent floods that made around 20 million people homeless in Pakistan also collapsed the tourism industry in a country that was already becoming fragile due to a bad law-and-order situation.

More rains, more mudslides, more problems for Uganda

Over the past few days, Uganda again suffered from torrential rains in parts of the country, both east and west, and subsequent mudslides again took at least eight lives as they cascaded down Mount El

Vital cross border bridge in Uganda swept away by yet more...

The bridge connecting Uganda and the Congo DR near Ishasha border post was reportedly washed away last week, grounding traffic and causing a major backlog of trucks normally using the bridge to delive

Christ the Redeemer statue closed indefinitely after heavy rains

RIO DE JANEIRO – Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue will be closed indefinitely because of damage to access roads from heavy rains last week, authorities said Tuesday.

Rains cut main road to Rwanda

Destruction from the current torrential rains sweeping the region have now added another victim to its growing count, when reports reached from Kabale that the main road to the Katuna border post with

Rains affect Bukoba Airport reopening date

The ongoing work at the Bukoba aerodrome, which started in mid-2009, has been affected by the present wave of torrential rains sweeping Tanzania and much of the East African region.

Rains continue to pound eastern Africa

Only two months after a long and devastating drought broke, which had parts of East Africa in an iron grip for several years, torrential rains are once again causing yet more problems for rural popula

Torrential rains halt railway services in Tanzania

Part of Tanzania’s railway network in the center of the country was flooded following extensive torrential rains in several parts of the eastern African nation, prompting trains to be halted and pas

Severe rains in Israel blamed on tourist drowning

Heavy rain on Friday caused problems across central Israel, as much of the region was flooded, main thoroughfares were closed off, and area residents were trapped in their homes and cars.

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