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Tanzania hosts tripartite meeting with railway partners

(eTN) - The Tanzanian government hosted a tripartite meeting of the Transport Ministers with Rwanda and Burundi on Friday, discussing the final submission of the feasibility study for the establishmen

Frustrated flyers in US opt to travel by train

"The airlines are prompting a renewed interest in rail travel," said Margie Jordan, CEO of ASAP Travel, based in Jacksonville, Fla.

Amtrak passenger numbers set new record

Citing an improving economy and high fuel prices as factors, Joseph Boardman, president and CEO of

Amtrak searching for head of new inter-city department

Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman said a new high-speed rail department is the next step in an ongoing process to better position Amtrak to maximize the opportunities available in the new inter

Passenger rail essential to addressing climate concerns

In a keynote speech delivered to the Northeast Climate Policy Forum, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman explained why passenger rail should be part of any strategy that addresses climate concern

Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania railway link study set for approval

The tripartite meeting between Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania on the review and approval of the railway study is now scheduled for this month in Kigali, where experts are expected to broadly sanction.

Getting America to ride the high-speed rails

The romance of riding the rails may be returning to America thanks to new federal funding and a public hungry for ways to save time, money, the environment, and add a measure of convenience in their h

British government moves ahead with third runway for Heathrow

The British government announced today that that a third runway will be built at Heathrow. Depending on the lens you are looking through, this is either bad news or good news.

Manchester Airport receives rail upgrade

LONDON - Passengers and businesses will reap the rewards of a new multi-million pound upgrade to Manchester Airport railway station, officially opened today by Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon.

Written ministerial statement on rail crash in Cumbria in 2007

The Secretary of State for Transport, Mr. Geoff Hoon, made the following statement upon the publication of the report on the rail crash that happened in Cumbria in February 2007:

Heathrow runway defended by air travel organizations

Proposals to replace a new runway at Heathrow with high speed rail were opposed by organizations in the air travel industry.

Kuwaiti Silk City to connect with Israel

Kuwait plans to invest $132 billion in a mega-construction project, which will include a one-kilometer high tower and house 700,000 people.

Rail Europe rolls out electronic ticketing for Eurostar

Rail Europe offers the ease and convenience of e-ticketing for all Eurostar fares, with the exception of group fares, between London and Paris.