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Mexico – image and reality

(eTN) - Mexico has hit the headlines in recent weeks in the UK after the presenters of the popular BBC television show, Top Gear, made comments about Mexicans that were deemed racist by some and just

Hooligans shout racist remarks at tourists in Uganda

The mob let loose last week by Buganda Kingdom hardliners on the general public also caused yet more damage to Uganda’s reputation when sections of them shouted abuse at visitors coming from the int

Hawaii governor wants tourism official sacked

HONOLULU (eTN) – The governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, has made it clear that she wants Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) top executive Rex Johnson fired, after fresh allegations of misconduct have sur

Governor wants Hawaii tourism chief fired for racist e-mails

Governor Linda Lingle called for the resignation of Hawaii Tourism Authority CEO Rex Johnson yesterday, following news that he had e-mailed racist and sexist jokes using his state computer.