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Queenstown is the hottest spot in NZ tourism market

Queenstown is leading New Zealand's tourism market with a massive 18 percent increase in hotel guest nights for the month of April.

Queenstown’s growing problem: Misbehaving drunk tourists

Police, judges and the local mayor say they have had a "gutsful" of overseas tourists behaving badly in Queenstown.

Elderly tourist badly hurt in paragliding accident

A man is in a critical condition after being dragged 20m down a slope by a paraglider in Queenstown yesterday.

Team building tourism in Queenstown

Queenstown's adventure tourism usually aims to get people to take time off from their day job but for one American-based company it is making the employees better at their jobs.Seagate has been bringing its most promising employees to New Zealand for years and it says no other country in the world offers what they get in Queenstown.