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Uganda needs comprehensive tourism visibility strategy

Google about Uganda and only the bad things will appear, every bad thing about Uganda appears on the net and we only hear about Lake Victoria when there is a tragedy.

New Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration Tour marks historic changes to Cuban...

A Miami-based travel agency specializing in customized experiences of Cuba, is launching an exciting new tour for 2019: the Havana LGBTQ Pride Celebration tour....

Airline CEOs push for increased regulation of energy market trading

Airlines are reigniting efforts to push for increased regulation of energy market trading, with CEOs of Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways taking up the mantle in support of new legislation.

As US readies tourism foray, doubts remain

WASHINGTON - As the United States gears up for a 100-million-dollar effort to boost tourism, doubts remain whether the initiative can live up to its promise and overcome a tarnished US image abroad.

American Airlines union pushes for strike

DALLAS — The union representing mechanics and other ground workers at American Airlines is asking federal officials to let them take a big step closer toward a possible strike against the nation's s

Israel’s Tourism Ministry makes final push for winter tourists

The Ministry of Tourism recently unleashed a new marketing campaign geared towards portraying Israel as a popular destination during the winter.

Emirates to push on with Australian routes

Emirates will push ahead with plans to expand to Australia, despite the global economic uncertainty.
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