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Protesters block Acropolis from tourists

Tourists were barred from entry to the Acropolis of Athens on Wednesday as the Greek culture workers' strike gains pace.

Thailand deputy prime minister warns protesters of tough action

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said the Red Shirt demonstrators have the right to peaceful assembly under Section 63 of the country's constitution, "But if they intrude into private establish

Acropolis: Rioters’ new target?

Vandalism is no good message for change if Greeks are now staging their battles right at the heart of a precious heritage.

Airline may sue protesters over Thai airport blockade

BANGKOK - Thai Airways is planning to sue anti-government protesters for financial losses caused by an eight-day siege of Bangkok's two airports, its chairman said Thursday.

Thai PM orders protesters ousted from airports

Bangkok, Thailand – Protesters occupying Bangkok's two airports braced for a raid Thursday night after Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat declared a limited state of emergency authorizing police to ta

New blow to tourism with airport chaos

The tourism sector, already reeling from the global economic downturn, suffered a fresh blow yesterday as People's Alliance for Democracy anti-government protesters forced Suvarnabhumi airport to susp